American Packaging Summit 2019

The Generis American Packaging Summit sets the standard on how the industry should connect and exchange ideas.

The Generis American Packaging Summit is designed to provide packaging executives with current trends, strategic insights and best practices in packaging innovation, design, materials and branding. This unique summit brings together leaders from across all industry sectors – food and beverage, CPG, cosmetics, pharma, retail, toys and more – involved in the business of packaging. Network with over 150 of your peers, connect with exhibitors and learn from the top industry influencers as we explore strategies to drive innovation, growth and profitability in an ever-evolving market.

Key Themes:

Design and Innovation

  • Highlighting strategies to ensure your brand stands out on the shelf and online

  • Optimizing packaging for an omnichannel strategy

  • Creating a memorable and shareable unboxing experience

  • Applying consumer insights and taking a holistic approach to package design

  • Emotionally connecting with consumers through effecting brand storytelling

Materials and Technology

  • Revealing the latest packaging technology innovations

  • Exploring the latest material trends in flexible, glass, metal, paperboard and plastic packaging

  • Enabling mass-customization of through digital printing

  • Electronic packaging, smart labels and the Internet of Things

  • Packaging for protecting, preserving and product safety


  • Achieving more sustainable packaging

  • Discussing the recycling of challenging materials

  • Understanding the state of recycling today and complex economics surrounding it

  • Developing functional, convenient packaging to satisfy the modern shopper and sustainability goals

  • Systematically eliminating waste throughout the product's lifecycle

April 16-17, 2019

The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center

Chicago, IL

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Auto Pack Summit 2018

AutoPack Summit addresses an unmet need - spotlighting the critical link, inherent value, and resulting opportunities of packaging in the automotive supply chain, SKD, and aftermarket process. The summit brings subject matter experts and industry leaders together for both visionary keynote presentations for tomorrow's strategy and practical insights on supply chain tactics for today.

South Carolina’s automotive industry originated in the early 1900's with Milliken & Company as a manufacturer of fabric seats and roofs for Henry Ford’s gasoline-powered cars. The Upstate is now home to BMW, Michelin, Milliken, and South Carolina's new Inland Port. More than 12 Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) including startups like Proterra - maker of electric busses - and numerous suppliers are in South Carolina.  With over 250 companies making up a growing automotive network, the state is ranked second in the U.S. for automotive exports. Nearby, Clemson University is one of the few packaging science undergraduate degree programs in the U.S. and Greenville's CU-ICAR is the only graduate degree program for Automotive Engineering in the U.S. - combine these factors and more for one powerful regional and national influence.  

The goal of this event is for OEMs and Tier 1 part suppliers to discuss, collaborate, and unveil innovations within the packaging value chain. Packaging providers will be in attendance and showcasing the latest in packaging technologies. The summit will be a highly productive session that rises the tides for everyone that touches automotive packaging.

November 8, 2018
Greenville, SC

LINK: Closing video from AutoPack Summit 2017