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Acquiring and retaining skilled workers in the packaging industry is harder than ever. Online learning enables you to get your employees up to speed quickly and cost efficiently. We help your company educate today's workforce and can perpetuate the knowledge of your experts through engaging instructional content. You cut the price of traditional training in half by forgoing expensive airfare, hotels, and lost time on the job.

Continuing Education via our Professional Course Catalog

With 500+ enrollments on the platform in just one year, professionals across the world visit on a daily basis to consume the latest training videos, enabling them to work more confidently and efficiently. The Packaging School’s e-learning courses are continuously updated to meet the growing, changing needs of today’s competitive workforce. No other online learning experiences have proven to be this effective and engaging at scale. Online learning at the Packaging School is accessible, customizable, crowd-tested, and results-focused:

  • Accessible: Our online offerings are available to a geographically diverse workforce, easily accessed through a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Lessons are taught via video, text, infographics, and interactive content.

  • Customizable: We enable your organization to create a program of study from existing courses. This process provides an opportunity to cascade knowledge and reinforce a common vocabulary throughout the organization.

  • Crowd-tested: Our online curriculum is designed to be engaging and effective for adult learners through repeated testing. Our educational content is continuously updated based on feedback and evolving needs.

  • Results-focused: Online learning at the Packaging School provides measurable data on participant performance so you can see exactly how your employees are progressing. This allows you to level-set your employees and identify talent.

Our existing courses are great for on-boarding new employees and getting them up to speed on packaging terminology and best practices. Our online lessons will help your supply chain speak the same language by establishing a standardized knowledge base.

Create Your Own Training Program

Contemporary marketing is essentially strategic education. Consider the cost of taking your team to an exposition or trade conference - and then divide that cost by the handful of legitimate leads acquired: it's expensive to acquire customers this way. 

The Packaging School takes a fundamentally different approach to technical sales and marketing by working with industry to create the ultimate inbound communication - certified courses and curriculums. Our instructional designers have decades of experience in packaging and can work with your teams to develop courses that educate your market, raise awareness, and provide a pathway to sales.

Content creation services

  • Video production

  • Technical writing

  • Technical illustration

  • Creative design

  • Web development

Are you interested in developing a custom education program for your organization but unsure what all is involved?

The best way to get started is through a Strategy Retreat with The Packaging School.

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About our Learning Platform

Educational Media and Technology Hosting

We create and publish engaging content in the form of videos, PDFs, slide decks, podcasts, infographics, and HTML.

Fully Automated Student Administration

Save your time, we take care of it. Student purchases, receipts, enrollments/course access, password resets, and notifications are all fully automated.

Detailed Analytics & Reporting

Insightful information on your sales and students gives you the detail you need to improve your content and optimize marketing efforts. Export your orders, student contacts, and progress data at any time.

Secure Cloud Hosting and Daily Backups

Trust that your site and contents are safe with reliable, secure cloud hosting. PCI compliant and SSL enabled. You can rest easy knowing that we are monitoring 24/7 to make sure your course is available and working optimally for you and your students.

Program Marketing and Promotion

Leverage our modern tools and expertise to target niche audiences with your online program. Utilize our sales widgets to create a signup portal on any website.

Calling all thought leaders 

The Packaging School enters strategic partnerships with organizations who are changing the game in packaging. Whether this means engineering new material types, approaching the design workflow from a fully sustainable perspective, or inventing new manufacturing processes, we want to hear how you are improving our industry. There may be opportunities for collaboration on sponsored educational marketing of your brand in our existing courses. 

Whether you’re a small business that needs one lesson for onboarding, or a Fortune 500 company that has the industry expert knowledge to fill a library, The Packaging School offers a solution that fits your application.

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