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3M is the leader when it comes to adhesives. In this video 3M shares that there is a wide range of adhesives to accommodate the ever changing corrugated industry. There is no one size fits all, and this should be considered at all stages with the customer in mind!


This video is courtesy of Iggesund Paperboard, a specialist supplier of high quality paperboard to targeted market segments with a focus on innovation, efficiency, and excellent service. Sustainably managed forests and bio-powered mills are the foundation of Iggesund Paperboard. Watch the educational video to see for yourself!


The Packaging School shares UPM Raflatac's approach to sustainability. UPM Raflatac leverages in-house expertise, technology, and capabilities to assess the environmental impacts of the label products they manufacture. Sustainability at UPM Raflatac considers the environmental implications of the film and paper label faces, adhesives and liners they provide to their customers. Read about the development of this video.


Cumberland Container Corporation manufactures and markets packaging products. Their products include corrugated packaging, corrugated inner packing products, fiberboard containers and pallets, and corrugated board displays. In this educational video Cumberland Container takes us through their container design and production process!

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