Clear plastic folding cartons are the ultimate way for brand owners to showcase their products, allowing consumers to see exactly what they’re buying.  And well-executed plastic cartons create strong visual impressions, cut through the clutter of crowded retail shelves, and help to create a value-added perception.  Ideal for many consumer goods, including electronics, sporting goods, gourmet foods, housewares, personal care, and cosmetic packaging, clear plastic cartons have a proven record of enhancing brand performance.  This module will help you understand when to use plastic folding cartons, the types of box grade plastics, how to design plastic folding cartons, how to print and convert plastic folding cartons, and the differences between automated and hand filling. The Packaging School is happy to introduce Pat McGee as the subject matter expert for this course. 



Plastic Folding Cartons Module

  • Plastic Folding Cartons Introduction
  • Why/When to Use Plastic Folding Cartons
  • Box Grade Plastic Substrates
  • Box Grade Plastic Substates Recap
  • Designing Plastic Folding Cartons
  • Printing Plastic Folding Cartons
  • Converting Plastic Substrates
  • Automated and Hand Filling
  • Knowledge Check
  • Wrap Up


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