Posted 2/6/19


Packaging Engineer - Carrollton, Georgia

Company Introduction

Decostar Industries - Carrollton, GA is a division of Magna Exteriors and Interiors. Magna Exteriors and Interiors, a wholly owned unit of Magna International, is a full service supplier of exterior vehicle appearance systems to the global automotive industry.

Job Introduction

This position reports directly to the Facility Engineering Department Leader and is responsible for the general and specific job duties of as described below:

Major Responsibilities

• As a member of the Facilities Engineering Department, provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction to the department’s customers. These customers include the Molding Department, Paint Department.

• Work with internal and external customers to collaboratively define needs and expectations for all packaging.

• Establish customer/internal packaging milestones from design to production.

• Ensure all packaging meets all customer and Decostar requirements for synchronous manufacturing, ergonomics, environmental and safety standards.

• Create and maintain a timeline that details all phases of prototype and production packaging, including customer and Decostar milestones.

• Maintain an up-to-date open issues tracking report and developing a specific format. Identify all action items requiring completion to successfully meet deadlines and assign follow-up responsibilities.

• Participate in cross-functional teams for source selection after analysis of potential suppliers has been completed.

• Work with different manufacturing department to develop appropriate packaging for large and small components and support validation of supplier packaging

• Lead and participate in team activities as required for the successful execution of required action plans for all packaging projects.

• Provide cost and timing as required for all changes to Decostar or customer packaging and coordinate with Program Manager/s.

• Maintain all program costs/budgets for purchased packaging.

•Communicate status of projects to launch teams.

• Conduct all packaging trails in accordance with customer/internal guidelines.

• Maintain all customer specific packaging information and approval forms.

• Review and approve all Tier II component packaging concepts and prototypes by verifying that a defect free component can be delivered.

• Work with the Decostar teams to eliminate handling damage associated with packaging or racking issues.

• Participate in the training of production team members during start-up phases as required. Create Work guidance for all developed packaging.

• Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Education

• Bachelor’s degree in Packaging or other Engineering discipline is required.

Work Experience

• A minimum of two years experience in managing returnable packaging fleets is required. No flexibility on this requirement.

• Minimum of one year of experience in the design/procurement/management of returnable packaging fleets is required.

Skills and Competencies

• To follow Decostar policies and display conduct expected of Decostar employees as described in the employee handbook.

• To follow safety rules of Decostar and work in a manner that is conducive to maintaining a safe and healthful workplace.

• To Understand the employee’s rights under the OSHA Act, EEOC, FLSA and do not allow for discrimination against any employee exercising their rights.

• To follow safety rules of Decostar and work in a manner that is conducive to maintaining a safe and healthful workplace including: training of new employees, reporting unsafe acts or conditions and correcting or commending health and safety performance.

• To exhibit teamwork and leadership skills and actively participate in team activities in a positive working environment.

• To demonstrate problem solving skills in a work environment that is striving for continuous improvement.

• To support all customer quality standards as well as the standards of Decostar.

Work Environment

• This position requires a person to have the ability to perform work while standing or walking a minimum of eight (8) hours, this includes walking up and down stairs frequently.

• The ability to lift up to 15 pounds on a frequent basis and up to 40 pounds on an occasional basis is required.

• Work below the knees and above the shoulders will be required.

• Be able to work near alcohols, solvent, paints, or plastic sanding dust.

• Be able to wear a respirator when needed.

• Good vision at a close distance and the ability to distinguish color is required with or without the use of corrective lenses.

• This position requires the ability to hear alarms with or without the use of hearing aids.

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