Bioplastics in Packaging

The world today faces tremendous environmental challenges. In particular, there is a significant and growing concern regarding plastic pollution due to plastic litter in oceans and on land. New evidence is emerging on a daily basis showing the disastrous impact of plastic litter in the oceans, on marine animals and habitats. Numerous countries and regions across the world have proposed or implemented bans on single use plastics (such as cups, straws, cutlery) in an attempt to stem the tide of plastic pollution. Many people believe that bioplastics, in particular, biodegradable plastics, could be a potential solution for this issue. However, there is widespread confusion regarding bioplastics, what they are, how they are made and what happens to them at the end of their useful life. This course will provide an introduction to the area of bioplastics and provide guidance in the use of these materials for packaging applications, in order to address some of the global sustainability issues.