It’s important to choose the appropriate food packaging for protection, tampering resistance, and physical purposes. Packaging maintains freshness and quality of food. Deciding what material to package your product in can be a robust task- the following courses will give you the lowdown on all things food packaging!


Temperature Assurance Packaging Certification

Participants completing the ISC Labs Temperature Assurance Packaging (TAP) Certification Program will understand the fundamentals and advanced concepts of temperature assurance packaging so that they can:

  1. Evaluate different TAP solutions as they relate to the needs of their company,

  2. Contribute knowledgeably to conversations regarding temperature assurance packaging, and

  3. Guide their organizations in implementing TAP solutions.

Pressure Sensitive Labels 101

Pressure sensitive labels play an essential role in the packaging value chain – they enable your brand to stand out among the competition on the shelf and convey vital, sometimes lifesaving information. How much do you really know about the innovative technology that goes into developing these labels? By taking Pressure Sensitive Labels 101, you will learn first-hand the essentials of the world’s leading label type. Once you complete the course at your own pace, you will be equipped with the expertise and recognition to grow your business through operational efficiency, brand impact and sales.