Frequently Asked Questions


1.) Who created The Packaging School?

  • The Packaging School was founded by Dr. Andrew Hurley, Associate Professor of Packaging Science at Clemson University, after continuous requests from manufacturers, converters, distributors, printers, designers, logistics carriers and brand owners to provide continuing education for their employees.

2.) So, are you Clemson University?

  • We are a separate entity from Clemson University, established as an LLC. We partner with schools, companies, associations and subject matter experts to create and provide unbiased online education in the realm of packaging.

3.) What courses/programs do you offer?

4.) What is the difference between the Certificate of Packaging Science and the Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management?

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5.) What does it take to earn the Certificate of Packaging Science?

  • Composed of 12 courses, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry, materials, processes, and development strategies.

6.) What will the Certificate of Packaging Science do for me?

  • You will learn the knowledge necessary to have a holistic understanding of packaging. This intelligence will open up opportunities for you to advance into new packaging fields. Discover applications for innovation in your packaging career.

7.) How are courses structured?

  • We embrace MicroLearning! Smartphones have accustomed us to accessing the information we need at rapid speed and in short bursts. Long training sessions, multiple day workshops, and huge manuals are not a desirable way to learn information. Instead, we use a technique called MicroLearning to break difficult topics down into lessons of bite-sized chunks that students can engage with on any device. These lessons take the form of infographics, quick readings, videos, animations, discussions, and interactive slides. This delivery method empowers students to complete courses at their leisure, when they’re ready to learn, and still gain an essential education.

  • Short, focused sessions (less than 7 minutes) avoid mental burnout and suit the brain with respect to energy and alertness. Bite-sized content perfectly suits an information-rich lifestyle because it enables learners to access small chunks of information instantly, anytime, and from anywhere. And because microlearning is short and seemingly current, trainees can rest easy that the content is up to date, correct, and meaningful to their work.

  • Courses are organized by Modules, which are composed of Lessons and cover 3-5 Learning Goals over an hour-long engagement period. All lessons are unique, so the number of lessons it takes to communicate a course varies. In our experience, most courses incorporate 1-8 hours of engagement.

8.) What kind of experience can I expect when taking a course?

  • Each course with The Packaging School is an engaging experience. Lessons are structured in small pieces with a specific flow so it makes it easy for you to advance at your own pace. Within the lesson, you will encounter a variety of content types including text, graphics, images, videos, interactive application models, peer discussions and quizzes.

9.) How do I know I'm really learning?

  • Learning goals with real world application guide all knowledge provided in the course. Each lesson presents information tailored to your professional growth. Simulations and small assessments at the end of lessons allow you to measure your progress. Track advancement in the My Achievements tab of your profile.

10.) Can I access courses from my tablet or mobile device?

  • YES! The Packaging School's learning management system is suited for on-the-go education. Access it from any smart phone

11.) How long will it take to finish the certificate?

  • The Packaging Certificate will take around 30 total hours to achieve. A working professional allocating 30 minutes of their lunch break a day could complete the Certificate in three months.

12.) How much time may I have to complete the certificate program?

  • Students must finish each single course within 12 months from start of the course. Students who enroll in The Professional Certificate and Quarter Enrollment bundle, will have 24 months to complete all courses.

13.) Do you offer refunds?

  • Purchase of the full Certificate of Packaging Science can be canceled & refunded within seventy-two hours (midnight of the third day excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays), a $100 nonrefundable charge for processing will be retained. For mitigating circumstances please email Purchase of individual courses are nonrefundable upon enrollment of the online course. Course may be transferrable if notified in writing within seventy-two hours of purchase.

14.) I see specific courses within the Certificate of Packaging Science that I’m interested in. Can I purchase individual courses?

  • Yes! You can purchase individual courses! However, in order to obtain your Certificate of Packaging Science you will need to complete all 12 courses.

15.) Is there a certificate of accomplishment for individual courses?

  • Yes, we do provide a certificate of accomplishment for all individual courses.

16.) Does the Packaging School offer any scholarships?

  • We do not offer scholarships at this time. We offer bulk discounts for teams of 5 and up!

17.) How long will this take?

  • Individual courses vary in length. We encourage you to complete a section at a time with breaks in between to ensure knowledge retention and immediate application to your real-world projects.

18.) Who creates the content you share?

  • The Packaging School is the Exclusive Licensee of a professional packaging curriculum developed at Clemson University. The courses are created in a collaborative process between academia and industry leveraging 600+ packaging professionals

19.) Who else will be taking this course?

  • Learners from Fortune 500 companies to startups are taking these courses. Age ranges from 18-71 years old.

20.) What is my involvement?

  • To successfully complete any course, you must progress through all of the units and score greater than 90% on the final assessment.

21.) Is the Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management a Master's program?

22.) What are your bulk discounts?

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23.) Can I print materials from the courses?

  • Traditionally we do not offer printed materials, the reason being that we are constantly updating information and we want you to have to most recent version possible! However, you will be able to print our PDFs and cheat sheets.

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