E-commerce is taking over the retail world with more and more individuals retreating to purchasing from online businesses that provide low cost or even free shipping. Once those items are purchased, they must be packaged and shipped to the consumer. This has added a whole new level to the packaging sector.

If a product is poorly packaged when arriving to the consumer, it can reflect negatively on the company. Large online retailers such as Amazon and Blue Apron have been under the limelight to make their packaging process more environmentally friendly. In the courses below you will learn a 360 on corrugated container, distribution packaging, and how to be sustainable during all steps of the packaging process.


Corrugated Containers

We’ve made an informative course with easy to digest information that will get you up to speed on corrugated containers. In this course, you will learn both the art and science of corrugated. From learning how corrugated fiberboard is manufactured, to how corrugated containers are designed and produced on packaging machinery, you will get a 360° view of the corrugated industry.

Packaging Distribution

Getting products from the point of manufacture to the customer safely is a serious task. This e-learning course will teach you about the various types of carriers and modes of distribution. You will learn the four fundamental categories of hazards and the corresponding tests used to design packaging systems that withstand the forces of distribution. Packaging systems using wood containers, pallets, corrugated containers, and returnables are evaluated. At the end of this course, you will walk away with a complete understanding of the distribution system for both industrial and consumer packaged goods.

Sustainable Packaging

Are you looking for ways to make more sustainable decisions in your packaging line? In this course, you're going to get a solid foundation in sustainable design thinking- the tools and resources you can apply to make better decisions. We will cover LCA, energy sourcing, design optimization, and effective recovering. Consideration of the 3Ps (people, planet, and profit) together are absolutely essential in crafting a convincing sustainable strategy.