Box It Now™ is the ultimate digital packaging solution for exploring, visualizing and quickly creating paperboard package designs. Now anyone involved in the product packaging process can create virtual concepts of their next project in minutes. You can also add graphics logos or full panel artwork to your design to share or export to a digitally printed sample or mockup. Box It Now™ saves valuable time to market. You can quickly and easily create a new carton design for your upcoming project in minutes. It’s 3D interactive tool helps users visualize their concepts without having to wait days for quotes or prototypes. Share your design with others or directly output your info to create a digital printed mockup or physical prototypes.


The Packaging School and Box It Now™ have partnered up to offer our students this state of the art tool! Register below to get 30 days of free access. You can apply this tool to these courses:


Corrugated Containers Course


Corrugated board is a highly customizable substrate and the knowledge to use it well can be greatly advantageous for your company in terms of saving waste and money. There are many stock options you can choose from when ordering standard shipping containers, but a box suited specifically to your exact product may need a custom design, and with corrugated you have that option. We’ve made an informative course with easy to digest information that will get you up to speed on corrugated containers. In this course, you will learn both the art and science of corrugated. From learning how corrugated fiberboard is manufactured, to how corrugated containers are designed and produced on packaging machinery, you will get a 360° view of the corrugated industry.

Paperboard Cartons Course


The paper segment of the global containers and packaging market is the most lucrative, boasting a 40% market share of revenue. From Fortune 500 brands to emerging startups, paperboard is a top-used packaging substrate. It's no wonder because paperboard has amazing graphics and printing capabilities, a high degree of sustainability, and enhanced usability. As a packaging designer, marketer, converter, or supply chain manager it is beneficial to understand the ins and outs of paperboard in order to produce the best carton possible. This eLearning course will focus on helping you understand the foundations of paperboard packaging from sourcing raw materials to the finished good. This understanding will serve as an important context for your future advancement, on your own and in your company.