TAPPI and The Packaging School Partnership

The Packaging School and TAPPI are proud to team up together and offer additional online education to TAPPI members. These courses are widely applicable to manufacturing, packaging, printing, and brand marketing professionals.

The available courses are:

  • Packaging Foundations: Introduces the packaging industry including the common core vocabulary, packaging development process, and roles within the supply chain. Provides the latests trends, technologies, and material segmentation in the packaging marketplace.

  • Paperboard Cartons: Paperboard carton industry overview, fabrication of paper and paperboard, paper coatings and surface treatments, different types and grades of paperboard, point sizes, design implications, dielines for paperboard cartons, and how to select the best paperboard grade for your application.

  • Corrugated Containers: Corrugated container industry overview, manufacture of corrugated substrates, flute types, corrugated board grades and specifications, design standards, choosing the right substrate and container for your application.

  • Glass Packaging: Glass packaging industry overview, production process for glass, different types of glass, design implications for glass, glass containers and bottle styles, and determining the type and style for your application.

  • Metal Packaging: Metal packaging industry overview, consumer perception, innovation opportunity, metal beverage market, raw materials and processing, flexible metals, metal containers and closures, recycling, and selecting the right metal type and style for your application.

  • Polymers in Packaging: Plastics packaging industry overview, types of polymers, polymer processing, polymer applications for packaging, adhesives, laminates, and closures.

  • Packaging Machinery: Packaging machinery classification, packaging line overview, line loading, product filling (solid and liquid), capping and closing, labeling, coding and inline printing, inspecting, code verification, fill verification, contamination detection, rejection systems, cartoning and case packing.

  • Package Printing: Printing industry overview, flexography, lithography, gravure, screen printing, digital printing, printing method implications for packaging substrates, color management strategies, artwork generation, pre-press workflows, plate making and going to print, roll and sheet stock technical specifications, timelines, and budgets.

  • Packaging Regulations: Packaging laws landscape, Food and Drug Administration titles, Environmental Protection Agency titles, United States Department of Agriculture titles, Council on Foreign Relations titles, industry-specific checklists and cheat sheets.  

  • Packaging Distribution: Distribution and transportation industry overview, pallets and pallet types, vibration, shock and compression, cushioning materials, shipping containers, HAZMAT, transport modes, supply chain overview, and cost-savings tips.

  • Sustainable Packaging: Environmental impacts of packaging, life cycle of a package, market performance and cost criteria, renewable energy in sourcing, manufacturing and transportation, renewable and recycled source materials, clean production technologies and best practices, design optimization, and how to implement effective recovering.

  • Packaging Design Strategy: Packaging design terminology, fundamental design theories: typography, color, imagery, structures and materials, developing your project team, design thinking strategies, design workflow, ideation best practices, package design brief, and iterative development.

Visit: https://www.tappi.org/education/tappi-academy/TAPPI-Academy--eLearning/corrugated-packaging-courses/the-packaging-school/ to learn more!