Archetypes: How Do They Relate to Packaging?

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What is an archetype? Archetypes are universal themes and forms resulting from inherent human biases.

Archetypes have been around since the beginning of time. It’s amazing how with just twelve categories, we can place most humans into one of these groups. Even if you have not thought about it, you can see yourself relating to one or maybe more of these types. And the specific types can be broadly grouped into those who want to provide structure, those who yearn for paradise, those who connect with others, and those who leave a mark on the world.

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Psychology states that archetypes help to understand who a person is, but archetypes also work well for corporate brands. These well-known brands all have common traits. If you are in the mood to be a rebel, you grab your Harley Davidson jacket, right? For example,  you can match your personality with a glass of wine. The bottles of wine are wrapped with colorful labels that contain humorous sayings that help reinforce common archetypes.

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These chocolates have attitude, with 12 delicious varieties of chocolate, each variety representing a personality.

As you can see, archetypes can be very helpful in deciding what story you want your brand to tell.