What We Work For

The Packaging School addresses a global need to break down traditional physical barriers for packaging education and supply more qualified and engaged workers to the packaging industry. As an online community, PackagingSchool.com connects knowledge seekers with knowledge providers. The cornerstone of our content is an exclusive license of a professional packaging curriculum developed at Clemson University. We are bridging the gap between academia and industry by working with subject matter experts who are veterans in the industry to expand the breadth and depth of our online catalog. The result is an engaging way for all types of individuals, from packaging newcomers to longtime industry insiders, to improve their working knowledge and understanding of the packaging industry, which intimately connects with people and trade across the world on a daily basis.


Our Mission: The Packaging School’s mission is to provide accessible and applicable education on packaging to a global audience.

The Team

ANDREW 2018 sm.jpg

R. Andrew Hurley, Ph.D.

KEVIN 2018 sm.jpg

Kevin Keigley
Creative Director

ELIZABETH 2018 sm.jpg

Elizabeth Pulliam
Engagement Manager

DIANA 2018 sm.jpg

Diana Whitaker
Administrative Assistant

DREW 2018 sm.jpg

Drew Felty, MBA

ALLI 2018 sm.jpg

Alli Keigley
Production Coordinator

NICK 2018 sm.jpg

Nick Riedl
Video Content Developer

JULIE 2018 sm.jpg

Julie Rice, Ph.D         Academic Director

SHANNON 2018 sm.jpg

Shannon Anderson
Project Manager

BIANCA 2018 sm.jpg

Bianca Hurley
Automotive Packaging Specialist


Our Vision: The Packaging School will bridge the gap between academia and industry by partnering with companies, subject matter experts and associations to create a shared learning management system. Our expanded catalog will enable knowledge-seekers to connect with knowledge-providers in all facets of packaging and processing.